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Sugarcane never grows alone

but as a part of a family

Our collaborators are like members of a large family that grows as strong as the cane.

Sowing the Future One of our strategic objectives is to support our workers and the community so they can have well integrated, successful families. “Sowing the Future” was born as the flagship brand of all our programs to support workers and the community, focusing on three specific areas:

• Health

• Training

• Community Development

Teniendo como prioridad la Salud Física y Mental de nuestro personal, Ingenio La Cabaña cuenta con programas permanantes de Prevención en Salud e Higiene Ocupacional , contando con los siguientes ejes:

1. Clinica Empresarial

2. Ferias de Salud Semanales

3. Campañas de Salud

    (Charlas y Vacunaciones

4. Consulta Psicológica


5. Consulta Nutricional


6. Depto. de Seguridad Industrial

Basados en nuestros Planes de Carrera y en Detección de Necesidades específicas de las áreas, nuestros Planes de Formación anual se enfocan en la formación técnica necesaría para profesionalizar a nuestro personal, y en la parte humana , escencial para formar personas integrales, que son el motor de nuestro Ingenio.


1. Habilidades Gerenciales y

Mandos Medios

2. Formaciones y Certificaciones

Técnicas especializadas por áreas

3. Formación en Salud y Seguridad

4. Formación de Valores

1. Programa “El poder que Transforma” Como parte Fundamental del Programa de RSE de Ingenio La Cabaña, apoyamos a las Escuelas de la Zona con el Programa “El Poder que Tranasforma”, desarrollado en alianza con la Fundación FUNPRES; a través del cual brindamos apoyo psicológico a toda la comunidad educativa (alumnos, maestros y Padres de familia); se desarrollan diversos programas educativos, escuelas de padres, clubes, talleres, etc.


Having as a priority the physical and mental health of our personnel, La Cabaña Sugar Mill has permanent programs for prevention and occupational hygiene, in the following areas:

1. On-site clinic

2. Weekly health fairs

3. Health campaigns (discussions

and vaccinations)

4. Permanent psychological help

5. Permanent nutritional support

6. Department of industrial safet


Based on our career plans and detection of area-specific training needs, our annual training plans focus on the technical training our staff needs to achieve an even higher professional level, and, on the human side, essential to develop well-rounded individuals, who are the true engine of our mill.


1. Management skills and mid-level management

2. Specialized technical training and certifications by areas

3. Training in health and safety

4. Developing values

1. Program "The Power that Transforms" As a fundamental part of the CSR Program of La Cabaña Sugar Mill, we support area schools with "The Power that Transforms” Program, developed in partnership with the FUNPRES Foundation. Through this program, we provide psychological support to the entire educational community (students, teachers, and parents), various educational programs, schools for parents, clubs, workshops, etc.
2. Program "Building Character" Partnered with the FORJA Foundation, La Cabaña Sugar Mill continues to believe in the potential of future generations, by providing this program for character development for children, from their pre-school training onward. Through the acquisition of knowledge and skills, students are trained to better face the challenges that arise in daily life, increase personal and social well-being, and try to minimize their vulnerability in adverse situations.
3. Program "Youth with Values" Young people are our future, and at La Cabaña Sugar Mill, we want to see them grow like sugarcane. We believe in making the difference and supporting those who dream big, using all our ingenuity to help those who have this valuable opportunity.
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