Being an innovative organization, committed to our stakeholders, transforming sugarcane into profitable businesses generating value and well-being through diversification and excellence.


To innovate and succeed in the sustainable and efficient transformation of sugarcane and its derivatives in solutions for the world’s consumers.

To use our ingenuity for growth and generate everyone’s well-being


Decent and fair treatment, listening before answering and being empathic


We are enthusiastic and persistent until we find a solution to our problems


We are congruent with our values , doing what we say and recognize our mistakes looking for solutions


We plan and organize ourselves by working in as a result-oriented team


We question our paradigms proposing solutions and improvements that allow us to find new ways of doing things


We communicate simply and effectively without complicating things with the least effort


We lead by example and take care of others by accomplishing our policies and procedures


“Raúl Pérez de Alejo”

The center has 14 hectares dedicated to generating knowledge on different cane varieties. More than 50 varieties of sugarcane from different parts of the world are currently under evaluation.

Since 2002 we began to reproduce material in the plant tissue laboratory, guaranteeing its varietal purity and health, to have an optimum evaluation of varieties as well as to provide quality seed for our farmers.

The “Raúl Pérez de Alejo” Experimental Center has become a reference point for different educational institutions that visit periodically to see firsthand research and technological advances in agriculture. From here we generate the techniques and practices that we recommend to our farming partners, thus contributing to their higher productivity.


The laboratory is a center for research and production of biotechnology solutions to help control the effects of pests on sugarcane crops, guaranteeing their effectiveness and protection to the environment and human welfare. Its work seeks to produce organisms that can help cane cultivation to overcome stress conditions such as drought and nutritional deficiencies.

Bioverd is a symbol of the commitment of La Cabaña Sugar Mill to continue innovating, in this case seeking to improve the production model, through the incorporation of environmentally friendly technology, ensuring the safety and sustainability of crops. This initiative is yet another effort by the company to promote Good Agricultural Practices, striving for long term sustainability for our crops.

Precision Farming


Continual efforts to overcome agricultural challenges has led La Cabaña Sugar Mill to constantly innovate, identifying and implementing solutions ranging from, for example, changing transport systems that allow more efficient transportation from the field to the mill while complying with applicable regulations, to modifications in cane fields to optimize their yields, both in the field and during milling.

These solutions are becoming more complex, demanding, among other things, the incorporation of technology in such a way as to ensure their effective implementation with a high level of precision.

La Cabaña Sugar Mill will soon be implementing a Geographic Information System. With this system we can make all information generated from each batch be seen on a map, in addition to being analyzed and reflected in graphs, for example see which varieties are planted in an area, determine the most productive lots, the youngest, fertilization schedule and quantity, and where farmers should modify practices to improve productivity.

our figures for

harvest 18/19